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Mixed refrigerant-R409A

  • Mixed refrigerant-R409A
  • Mixed refrigerant-R409A
Model No.︰-
Brand Name︰JJY
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰100 pc
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Product Description

HCFC refrigerant R409A is a blend of R-22, R-142b, and R-124, intended for retrofitting R-12 refrigeration systems. The pressure and system capacity match R-12 when the blend is running in a 10F to 20F evaporator, and there is typically 13F temperature glide in the evaporator.
Direct expansion refrigeration and air conditioning systems designed for R-12 or R-500; good success in any size system, minor adjustment of controls needed. Discharge pressure and temperature increases compared to R-12, which may be a problem in very hot ambient conditions. Capacity holds well into lower application temperatures (-30F). R-409A mixes well with mineral oil down to 0F. As a result it may not be necessary to change oil in systems which do not run colder than 0F in the evaporator (below that alkylbenzene should replace some mineral oil).

Specifications︰Molecular Wight 97.4
Normal boiling point℃ -34.5
Ice point℃ -
Critical Temperature,℃ 106.8
Critical Pressure,MPa 4.69
Density of saturated liquid 30℃,(g/cm³) 1.216(25℃)
Special heat of liquid 30℃[kJ/kg.℃)] 0.29
Specific heat of equipressure steam(Cp),30℃ and 101.3kPa[KJ/(Kg.℃)] 0.17
ODP 0.039
Critical density,g/cm³ -
Vaporization heat under BP,KJ/Kg 220
Physical and Chemical Properties︰
Quality standard :

Purity, %

Moisture, PPm

Acidity, PPm

Vapor Residue, PPm

Colorless, Clear

Package and Storage︰13.6KG/CYL
Payment Details︰T/T & L/C
Ship Date︰ABOUT 15 DAYS
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