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Dichlorfluoroethane R141B

Model No.︰-
Brand Name︰JJY
Country of Origin︰China
Unit Price︰-
Minimum Order︰100 pc
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Specifications︰Purity,%,min 99.8
Moisture(ppm<=) 30(mg/kg)
Acidity(ppm<=) -
Residue on evaporation,PPm<= -
Appearance -
Odor -
Physical and Chemical Properties︰Molecular Wight 116.95
Normal boiling point℃ 32.05
Ice point℃ -
Critical Temperature,℃ 204.15
Critical Pressure,MPa 4.25
Density of saturated liquid 25℃,(g/cm³) 1.227
Special heat of liquid 25℃[kJ/kg.℃)] 1.16
Solubility(water,25℃)% 0.509
ODP 0.086
GWP 0.15
Critical density,g/cm³ 0.43
Vaporization heat under BP,KJ/Kg 223
Payment Details︰TT or L/C
Ship Date︰15 DAYS
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